Hotels For Remoting Work In Madeira Island

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Talk about Hotels For Remoting Work In Madeira Island it´s important in the last years, because technology had an important impact on the evolution of the “work” concept.

Today, people that work remotely have the flexibility to design their days so that their professional and personal lives can be experienced to their fullest potential and coexist peacefully. Now people have the possibility to travel the world and run their business at the same time.

And when we talk about travel, you think about beautiful places and when you think about beautiful places, you think about little pieces of Heaven on Earth and when you think about these little pieces of Heaven, you think about Madeira island.

In Madeira the concept of work and pleasure has another meaning, another feeling. If you are one of the lucky ones who has the freedom to work anywhere in the world and you wish to visit Madeira, well, this article is for you.

I will talk about some hotels for remoting work in Madeira Island, they have the best conditions for you to keep up your work. But since life it’s not only made for work, these hotels have also the best conditions for you to relax after a hard day of work.

Either you are a city person or more of a country side lover the following hotels are a perfect fit for you, for example, if you wish to stay in the area of Funchal I have two suggestions for you.

Savoy Palace

This imposing hotel, close to the city center, offers you the best accommodation while you work on your next big deal, fast internet service, 49 inch tv screen and an amazing view over the ocean or the mountains gives all the inspiration you need.

If the weather permits, why not work by the rooftop infinity pool while you enjoy a Poncha. This hotel also offers you a library and a Spa that is considered one of the best in Portugal.

Quintinha de São João

With an relaxing atmosphere and beautiful views over the 350 species of plants in the gardens, this is a perfect definition of tranquility in a city.

After work, you can workout on the gym to relief the stress of the day and at evening you can taste our delicacies in one of our many restaurants in Funchal.

Exiting Funchal, we have many other places that are worthy of your visit, such as Santana.

Quinta do Furão

This colonial style hotel gives all the tranquility you need for you to concentrate on your work. Ever once in a while you can enjoy the beautiful view over the northern cliffs of Madeira.

If you like new concepts take a swim on the pool situated in the middle of the vineyards.

Quinta da Serra

Situated at Jardim da Serra, it’s the perfect haven on the mountains. Here you have a connection with nature like no other place around the island.

Fast internet connectivity, a library and comfortable areas helps you get your work done, a jacuzzi, a gym, a pool and even a billiard, helps you relax after that.

Quinta da Moscadinha

Situated in Camacha, this hotel gives you the feel of the country side even being very close to the villages center.

If you are more of a person that enjoys being close to the sea, that loves the sound of waves, the smell of salt water, my next suggestions are perfect for you.If you are more of a person that enjoys being close to the sea, that loves the sound of waves, the smell of salt water, my next suggestions are perfect for you.


If you are more of a person that enjoys being close to the sea, that loves the sound of waves, the smell of salt water, my next suggestions are perfect for you.

Estalagem da Ponta do Sol

With their minimalist decoration, a game room, an infinity pool with an amazing view over the sea and all the conditions for you to work. Not forgetting the beautiful sunsets you can watch from here.

If you’ve searched about Madeira you’ve probably seen or read something about our natural pools in Porto Moniz, well, this is where our next hotel is situated.

Aqua Natura hotel

It’s the perfect place if you wish to spend a season in Madeira far from the capital, close to the sea and in a very calm area. It provides you a calm and relaxing environment where you can work, a gym, a dive center and an amazing view over the ocean.

If the weather allows go for a swim in our beautiful natural pools.

All the hotels mentioned before have a laundry service, a room service, free internet service and all the best accommodations to give you the best time here in Madeira and since you are also visiting the island.

On your free time take a hike along the levadas or if you’re the adventurous type, try canyoning.

The concept of remote work is becoming more and more the selected model of work chosen by the companies, especially during the 2020 global pandemic that forced us to change our routines and our lifes.

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