Top 10 best accomodations in Madeira

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Those who travel to get to know Madeira often prefer to stay in tourist accommodation, whether hotels, local or rural accommodation, among others. So, we’ve made a top 10  best accommodations in Madeira, if you’re not sure where to stay. Stay tuned!

Those who travel to get to know Madeira usually prefer to stay in tourist accommodation, whether they are hotels, premises or rural accommodation, among others. Therefore, we have made a top 10 for you of the best and unique accommodations in Madeira if you are not sure where to stay. Stay tuned!

Madeira is also an island that has many hotels for remote work since today, people who work remotely have the flexibility to design their days so that their professional and personal lives can experience their full potential and coexist peacefully.

But since life is not only made for work, we have hotels with conditions for you to relax after a hard day’s work. Whether you’re a city person or more of a country lover, the following hotels are perfect for you.

Uni Studios Madeira

To start this top, we head towards Jardim do Mar, where you can find this fantastic local accommodation. It is a set of 4 houses with beautiful views over the ocean and the mountains of Madeira. These houses have everything from a pool, kitchen, internet and even gardens with a balcony. Imagine having breakfast and watching the sunrise. A truly unforgettable experience!

Canto das Fontes

How about relaxing to the sound of nature? Well, this is what Canto das Fontes does in Ponta do Sol. Sleeping in a completely different tent, with all the amenities, you can do various activities such as yoga, take a dip in the pool or even put a towel on the soft grass to have a picnic and still have spectacular views of both nature and the ocean, it is without a doubt. a unique experience. Give it a try and we guarantee you won’t regret it.

Savoy Palace

Heading to Funchal, if you want something luxurious, the Savoy Palace is sure to cover all your needs. It has 23 thousand square meters of pure luxuries with sprouted plants, with 352 rooms with good views both to the city and to the ocean, it has 5 restaurants, 5 swimming pools with excellent quality and a considerable number of activities to do. If this is what you want and with the bonus of being in the capital of Madeira, then don’t waste time.

Soul Glamping Madeira

Another jaw-dropping case in Madeira is this capsule-shaped house in Estreito da Calheta, unique on the island, where you can enjoy the best sunsets with quality relaxation. With a fireplace, jacuzzi and everything equipped to spend a few days, you should have a sensational time and enjoy every moment.


Quinta do Furão

For rural lovers, this could be the perfect choice. In Santana, a natural reserve of the Biosphere. An exquisite hotel that offers 65 rooms with 7 different categories so that tourists can choose what they prefer, with a swimming pool, restaurant, pub, wine cellar and even a bar are among other areas of the hotel. Not to mention the beautiful view that you can enjoy of the island, to take pictures or relax sitting on the chair on your balcony while you can have a wine.

Socalco Nature

In the municipality of Calheta, we have another accommodation that you can be aware of, as you will not lack for anything. With a beautiful swimming pool, a good variety of small houses to stay, garden, bar, terraces with quality views, you cannot miss this remarkable opportunity.

Quintinha de São João

Another place that is marked by its history, quality of service and combination of luxury in all aspects is more rustic, and if you are looking for something of this style, then this place is for you. It has 42 rooms, a swimming pool, spa, gym, and the best possible food with a formidable team. This accommodation is also located in the Madeiran capital, in Funchal.

Sé Boutique Hotel

If you like a more artistic hotel, inspired by the architecture of some of Madeira’s monuments with bright colors, then you might like this option. With the availability of 54 rooms, restaurants, bar with a terrace with 360º views of the city of Funchal, appreciation of regional, national, and international art, decorations full of culture spread throughout the hotel with a quality team, then you can book your passage to Madeira and stay at this hotel.

Next Hotel

How about a more technological hotel in Funchal that is dedicated to the young with ease with the use of technologies? This hotel offers that and more! Spa, gym, swimming pool, direct access to the sea, internet throughout the hotel on the maxima network, network lounge, rooftop with swimming pool and rooms with a balcony to enjoy the view of the city and the ocean, being able to do your work on your pc or relax watching social networks with a pleasant breeze.

Cantinho da Natureza

To finish this list, this accommodation is located in Prazeres, in Calheta offers 2 houses for 12 people, divided into 6 people per house, and if you are looking for tranquility and peace accompanied by a beautiful sunset where you can spend time with your family to have a spectacular experience and good privacy. , then for sure you will not regret the decision. The houses have Wi-fi, smart TV, fireplace, living and dining room, heated pool, private solarium, garden, in other words, everything equipped to have the best vacation possible!

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