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Bright sun, pleasant breeze, smell of the sea and beautiful landscapes. Anyone who has had the opportunity to be in Madeira knows what we are talking about. So come with us and discover Madeira Island.

Without a doubt, Madeira has a little bit of everything. A good sophistication in the capital, cliffs, and gorges in the inner part of the island, the gardens with vivid colors that highlight the arid volcanic peaks, with the presence of typical levadas and deep valleys.

You can also count on beautiful waterfalls and small ponds present in the unique Laurissilva Forest. A magical place to visit.

The best time to go to Madeira

Madeira is a destination that can be visited and discover at any time of the year, as it has mild temperatures, both in the air and at sea, ranging from 16ºC / 18ºC in winter to 23ºC / 28ºC in summer due to its mountainous character as well as in the position in the Atlantic Ocean.

There is also no shortage of festive seasons or events spread throughout the year in Madeira, including Carnival, Flower Festival, Popular Marches, Wine Festival, New Year’s Eve, among others.

You should also consider the weather variable on the island, as many of the southern parts have sunshine and clear skies while the northern part may have clouds and precipitation. So be careful when planning your vacations and hikes to the whole island so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Location of the island

The island of Madeira is located approximately 1000 km from the Portuguese coast, more specifically 949 km in the extreme south of Portugal in the Algarve and 967 km from the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

The Madeira archipelago has a set of 7 islands in a total area of 801 km², where 2 are inhabited permanently and 3 are inhabited seasonally, these being inhabited by biologists, maritime police, and nature watchdogs to protect nature reserves.

Obviously the largest of the 7 islands is Madeira Island with a total area of 740 km² which, wherever you look, you can appreciate a very high number of landscapes since it has a very irregular relief full of deep valleys and high mountains followed by the Porto Santo Island with eroded landscapes and a beautiful beach with an extension of 9 km.

Best way to get around in Madeira

For Discover Madeira Island there are several ways to get around Madeira, some more efficient than others. There are buses, taxis, and car hire.

It is recommended to rent a car, as you will have the freedom to explore the entire island without any problems, while if you take a taxi, you will spend the same or more than renting a car. Buses may be a more viable option than taxis, but not all buses lead to tourist sites.

Despite everything, if you come to Madeira with no intention of using the car as a transport vehicle because you don’t have a driving license or don’t even want to rent it, you can always take several tours that tour companies offer, having the opportunity to know all the tourist spots in Madeira.

In general terms, the roads in Madeira are in good road conditions, especially in tourist areas, with good signage and road organization. To avoid unnecessary worries, fill your tank with gas or diesel if you use a rental car, because although fortunately there are several service stations scattered around the island, it is always good to be prepared.

In the central and interior part of the island, many of the roads are glued to the mountain wall, that is, they are winding roads and some of them are narrow, so don’t try not to go too fast and be double careful not to have any accidents, although in nowadays it is much easier to drive in Madeira.

You will sometimes find roads with some beautiful waterfalls and immense tunnels, as the island has a fast track with an extension of approximately 175 km that surrounds the entire existing coastal territory.

How many days to stay and time of location

For a first impression, Madeira may seem small to most people, but it has a lot to offer. Our recommendation is that you can come between 1 to 2 weeks to see a little bit of everything in calm and to discover madeira island, including for example the visit to Porto Santo Island and the Desertas Islands.

But if you have fewer days available, don’t worry and be sure to come, you can do a little research and select what you can do, because you won’t regret it anyway and you can guarantee that you’ll leave the island with unforgettable memories. The hours work as in mainland Portugal, but do not get confused with the hours of the Azores archipelago, as it is 1 hour less there than in Madeira and Portugal.

Travel Insurance and Tourist Accommodation

If you intend to travel to Madeira, it is good to consider travel insurance, especially in winter, because for those who do not know, Madeira International Airport is one of the most difficult airports to land in due to the strong cross winds that are present there and the mountainous presence on the left side of the airport. Unfortunately, your flight may be diverted to Porto Santo, Lisbon or the Canary Islands, depending on the case.

There is no shortage of tourist accommodation all over the island, from hotels to local accommodation. Obviously, the area that has the most presence of this is the capital of Madeira, specifically the city of Funchal, but there are other areas such as the city of Câmara de Lobos or Caniço, which also has plenty of accommodation for tourists.

Considerations to take into account in your suitcase

Although Madeira is known as an island with mild temperatures, you need to be careful about what you can pack in your suitcase. Don’t forget to bring comfortable clothes, especially shoes, because if you plan to walk a lot, this will be the best thing.

You can also take a bathing suit, as there was no shortage of beaches. We also recommend taking a coat and an umbrella, because if you are going to know the tourist spots, some of them are above 500m, and it can rain and feel cold. Last but not least, you can consider a sunscreen, because for most of the year, the sun’s rays are strong, and you can get burns if you are in a long period of sun exposure.

Now are you ready to discover Madeira Island?

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