Whales and dolphins watching experience in Madeira Island

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New day, new experiences. Madeira is a place where you can find so much to do. I especially love to spend my time outdoors, so this island is a perfect destination for me. What could be more better that heading out on the ocean and go for a whales and dolphins watching. Madeira is a place where you will be surrounded by water. And this means that in this island whale and dolphins is one of the most popular tourist attraction to do here. You definitely need to try it!

A chance to see whales and dolphins

Firstly, Madeira island can be thankful for year-long temperate climate, warm water and the deep sea floors which are protected against the strength of the Atlantic ocean that the islands attract so many marine animals.

Secondly, the location of the animals is controlled by workers who observe their particular location. This information is reported to the guides. Tours are guided by specialists who are professionals in this field. The guide of my group was also with many knowledge about all of this.


Before going to the boats, we had a instruction about our safety. On the boats there was a demonstration how to put our live vest on. Our tour started with the 10 minutes drive in to the ocean. There was not a moment in this experience which was boring because of attractive guide who told us interesting facts about these animals. It was a teamwork, because when we were far away from the coast and all of us tried to see something in the water. Obviously life is like a box of chocolates, you will never know what you are gonna get… that includes whales and dolphins too. We were on the lookout for the birds which can indicate whales and dolphins in this area.. and here they are!

What to bring?

· Extra warm clothes: There in the ocean, the wind can be much stronger. The speed of the boat also will be relatively high, so it is important that you have a jacket or sweater with you.
· Camera: If you have camera, phone who can make a quality photos or even GoPro- bring it! It is a „once in the lifetime” experience, so you need to capture the best moments!
· Sunscreen: From my experience, the sun is always stronger when you are in the water, because water reflects the sun. In the next day after this experience, my face was red from the sun J
· Seasickness medication: Do not joke with your health if you have a prone to seasickness!
· Tips: For attractive and knowledgeable guides.


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