Maritime Experiences in Madeira

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Has always been a stage for any kind of maritime experiences in Madeira, as it is an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Practically any maritime activity can be done not only for its mild waters throughout the year but also for its maritime biodiversity present both to the south and north of the island. Come and discover the maritime experiences in Madeira has to offer! 

Cetacean observation

As mentioned before, the marine biodiversity in Madeira is simply fantastic and very varied. There are several species of marine mammals and fish such as dolphins, sperm whales, whales, among others. You will be able to observe these types of species and others if you do, for example, catamaran trips or personalized boat trips, as companies for this type of activities always have.


Boats Trips

Let’s admit that landscapes seen from afar using some maritime transport is an excellent opportunity to get to know the grandeur and views of Madeira. If you can take a boat trip, don’t think twice and do it. See, for example, Cabo Girão from the bottom up, pass through the various points of the Madeiran coast or even if you prefer to go a little further, travel by boat with authorized companies to the Desertas Islands, home of the mammals «Sea wolves» and other species endemic in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.



Who knew surfing would be possible in Madeira? There are several specific points to perform this activity. Heading to the northern part of the island like São Vicente you will find several beaches with high waves, as the northern part tends to have bigger waves than the southern part due to the sea current.


Stand Up Paddle

This activity is very interesting both in terms of having fun and also to explore some parts of the Madeira sea. We think it’s something you should try if you’ve never done it, because it’s worth going paddling and making your way to enjoy the landscapes that the Island offers. You will see that you will not waste your time. To do this activity there are several parts of Madeira, being them in Funchal, specifically in Cais and other areas like Machico and Santa Cruz.



Another maritime activity that is worth your time, for the radicalism and adrenaline you will feel, is certainly a good time spent. Admiring the landscapes and feeling the ocean are certainly strong points for doing Windsurfing. To do so, you will have to go to the piers of Funchal as well or to other parts of Madeira such as Machico and Santa Cruz where there are other specialized companies.



how about being able to explore the Madeiran coast with walks, still being able to go diving and being able to admire a little bit of everything both at sea and on land? If you are looking for this you can also find it on Madeira Island as in Machico areas or even in the northern part. A good combination of adrenaline and well-being surrounded by nature.


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