The Best Activities in Porto Santo

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Oh Porto Santo a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean, truly a paradise. Known by several names, all for the positive obviously. The first island to be discovered by the portugueses in the 15th century, nicknamed the «Golden Island» for its remarkable natural beauty that extends from the east to the southwest for its magnificent 9 km beach with yellow sand, among other things that are more highlights, that’s why we came to talk a little about the best activities in Porto Santo. Just to warn my dear readers, the third activity is simply amazing. Curious? So come and discover the best activities in Porto Santo!

Horse Ride

For animal lovers and more specifically for horses, in Porto Santo there is this possibility. Being able to walk along the dirt roads as if it were the old west and enjoy the fantastic landscapes, it is certainly a unique experience. In order to carry out this activity, you need to take the ER 120 road and then the José de Castro Vasconcelos secondary road. In the middle of the street you will find the Equestrian Centro of Porto Santo, make the most of it.



A highly recognized activity worldwide, Porto Santo has one of the best golf courses in Europe, said by many tourists and practitioners of the sport, it has won several awards and every year it is preserved in an incredible way, always giving the same fresh look. To be able to do this activity, you just have to head to the golf course in Porto Santo, which is about 4 km from the center of Vila Baleira, following the ER 120 and then taking the road to São Paulo and São Paulo.


Cetacean Observation

Who doesn’t like to enjoy marine animals on a comfortable boat and see beautiful views? Because in Porto Santo this is possible, you can take half a day or even a whole day to admire the cetaceans. To be able to carry out this activity you will have to talk to the company Terras de Aventura in Porto Santo. Hope you have fun!!


Bike Tours

For those who like to ride a bike in so many places, Porto Santo also offers this option. You can even explore the entire island if you want by bike, it will cost a little more as it is not very big, it may cost more the effort is worth it, especially if you go from one end of Porto Santo to the other, for example from the pier to the end da Calheta, we can guarantee that it will be a pleasant and quality tour that you can do. To be able to rent a bike you have to talk to the company Porto Santo Bikes in Vila Baleira.



This activity is simply on another level in Porto Santo. With more than 23 marine species to explore, enjoying the ocean coast is really something. For the bravest and most prepared, the challenges go beyond expectations and always manage to surprise, you can definitely give it a chance and you won’t regret it. To do this activity there are two places you can go, the Rhea Dive Center and the Porto Santo Sub Dive Center, to reach these places you have to take the Jorge de Freitas road and both are close to the sea port.


Jeep and Bagui Tours

Excellent experience to see quality geological formations, feeling adrenaline and even exploring certain places that are sometimes difficult to access, you can be sure that you will have a lot of fun. You can contact some companies that do this like DunaTravel which is located in the center of Vila Baleira.



Paddle Surf / Wind Surf

The 3 activities are included in one point only because they come from the same company that is On Water Academy. If you like to have fun with activities in the sea, then this is for you because if you are on an island, you will obviously have water activities. To get there, taking the center of Vila Baleira as a reference, you will have to take the ER 120 road to the Luamar hotel which is about 5 km away, if you don’t want to spend fuel, you can walk from Fontinha beach until the same place, covering the same distance but you can enjoy everything to the sound of the tide.




You can’t miss the typical walks that are so well recognized both in Porto Santo and Madeira. There are 2 main walks well signposted, they are Vereda do Pico Branco / Terra Chã and also the Vereda do Pico Castelo, explore and have fun for a few hours, as you will have jaw-dropping views. To reach these walks, taking into account the starting point such as Vila Baleira, take the ER 111 towards Serra de Dentro for a few kilometers.



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