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Summer is an excellent time to enjoy the good heat and do lots of activities, as most of the time the heat accompanies the good weather, something that the summer in Madeira does with great precision. There is no shortage of activities to do on Madeira Island, activities in nature, at sea, in the mountains, literally everything. Are you interested in knowing the activities? Then find out what you can do in the summer in Madeira!

Sunset / Sunrise

Enjoying the sunset or the sunrise is something to be considered to do in the summer in Madeira. It’s an unforgettable experience and stop taking photos of another level. There are several companies doing this activity.

The place where you can see the sunrise or sunset can be, for example, Pico do Areeiro, Ponta de São Lourenço or even Ponta do Pargo, which are good places to see this type of activity. It is definitely recommended to do both sunset and sunrise at Pico do Areeiro.


There are several activities in the summer in Madeira, the most popular at that time being the wine party accompanied by the Madeira Rally. Tasting the wine produced in the region and still seeing a beautiful Rally with quality cars is excellent.

To be able to appreciate the Rally, for example, you will have to analyze well the routes that the drivers have to make, any curve within the route will be great to see the Rally. The Madeira Wine Festival is spread all over downtown Funchal, so explore all the places you can find.


Kayaking is a very welcome activity in the summer, usually performed in Ponta de São Lourenço, specifically in the east of Madeira with a duration of 1 hour. We recommend booking your kayak tour with Madeira Sea Emotions.

You can also go to other places to do this activity such as Marina do Funchal, near the Cristiano Ronaldo museum. Imagine enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the place and still having a lot of fun with the respective activity.


The “Arraiais” are traditional festivities in Madeira, mixing the religious with the festivities, with the masses taking place simultaneously with the festivities, which take place around the church in each locality, over several days.

Some of the main traditional “Arraiais” take place since the month of July, where national and international artists are invited to come to Madeira Island, in the month of July the most recognized were the Arraial de Cmara de Lobos and Ribeira Brava, soon the from Porto Moniz where guests like Tony Carreira and Diogo Piçarra come.

During the month of August, in various locations on the island we will have many celebrations bringing together thousands of people. The rockets, the despiques, the espetada, the poncha and the wine mixed with orangeade and the typical candy necklaces are mandatory ingredients that identify this typically Madeiran festival.


There is no shortage of parks and natural areas to picnic in Madeira, there are literally all kinds of places to do this, whether in the mountains or even in some urban areas with the presence of nature. In Madeira there are these scenarios, so enjoy.

Some examples to make a good picnic would be in Parque de Santa Catarina in Funchal, in Paul da Serra in Ponta do Sol, Parque Natural do Ribeiro Frio in Santana and even Fanal in Porto Moniz. All these locations have different landscapes, but you will certainly have a good time.


Tours are very common anywhere in the world, and obviously Madeira is not left out. There are jeep tours, around the island, among other things. You can explore all of Madeira and feel free to enjoy every point the Island has to offer! Some tours that we recommend are the tours that separate the different areas of Madeira, namely the East, West, South or North Tour, where they show everything the Island has to offer to tourists.

Some recommended areas to take into account when visiting on tours are Cabo Girão, Pico do Areeiro / Pico Ruivo, Ponta do Pargo, Ponta de São Lourenço, among others.


Oh, the walks. Madeira has many walks for all types of people, some more difficult and others easier and it will certainly make all the difference to be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes or the environment that surrounds you.

The most recommended walks are Queimadas – Caldeirão Verde in Santana, Rabaçal – 25 fountains in Calheta, Pico do Areeiro – Pico Ruivo in Santana, and the Maroços walk in Machico.


Nightlife in Madeira is becoming more and more active, especially from Wednesday to Sunday. The clubs are in the city of Funchal, the capital of Madeira. It has 3 nightclubs with many environments to have fun.

One club where it is worth spending a beautiful night dancing and having fun is Copacabana Disco located inside the Casino da Madeira that has a garden area and the disco area, currently in the summer the party starts from the “Quartas de Verão” which means “Wednesday of Summer”.

Another nightclub is Vespas Club, which has several rooms, Vespas, Marginal and Jam. Located in the center of Funchal in front of the CR7 hotel and museum, which gives it a privileged location.

Third but not last is Dubai Club where the parties also start on Wednesdays with “Latin Night”, next to the Savoy Palace hotel.

Madeira also has some great bars to spend the night in, such as the Outlet Bar, Tasca do Bexiga, Venda Velha and Revolucion Bar in the old part of Funchal.

The bars are free to enter, and the clubs if you have to pay entry that varies from 5 euros to 15 euros.


Although Madeira is not well known in tourism for its beaches, in fact there are some that are worth visiting and taking a dip in to relax. There are some examples such as the beach of Seixal in the municipality of Porto Moniz, the beach of Calheta in the municipality of Calheta, the beach of Machico in the municipality of Machico and the beach of Prainha which is located in the parish of Caniçal in Machico.

All these beaches have excellent views and each one has its charm, you will not regret it!

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