6 Reasons to visit Madeira

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Let’s start by admitting one thing, Madeira has a huge variety of things to do, whether in nature or in the city, so today we decided to tell you 6 reasons to visit Madeira. This island has natural landscapes that can make you sigh. To clarify, the island is very easy to discover on mountain roads or through historic irrigation canals known as “levadas”. You can enjoy Funchal, which is the beautiful capital of the Portuguese island of Madeira. You don’t have to venture into the mountains to enjoy natural abundance. As a result, there are a number of botanical gardens with a crazy variety of plants. Did you like what you’ve read so far? I can warn you that the 4th reason may be of great interest to you. Come and discover the 6 reasons to visit Madeira!!

1. A wealth of historic architecture

The island of Madeira has enriched itself with sugar, cine and maritime transport, and has a splendid architecture to prove it. Highlights include the São Lourenço Palace, the Cathedral, the Colégio Church, the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theater, the São Lourenço Palace and among others that were built over time.

2. Enjoy some Madeiran food and drink

The island of Madeira is a land of wine, rum, liqueurs, cider, but it is increasingly known for its traditional poncha. Initially, it was created by fishermen looking to stay warm on cold nights. Of course, drinking is now almost mandatory in the island’s bars. A delicious fortified wine, Madeira is the perfect way to end a holiday meal. As a result, try it at top wine bars like Blandy’s or Beef and Wines. Also stop by the typical Madeiran restaurants and try food like prego, bolo do caco, chopped, sword fillet, limpets, boiled corn among other traditional foods.

3. It’s a great place for an active vacation.

Madeira Island is a wonderful destination for energetic travelers. For example, you can paraglide over the valleys, rent canoes in the port, sidecar tours around the island, you can do extreme sports such as climbing, canyoning, Jeep Tours through the forests, diving, among others. These activities can be booked through Madeira Adventure Kingdom.

4. Discover the history of Madeira

There is no shortage of interesting museums around Madeira, including the CR7 Museum, Rota do Cal, Whale Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, Madeira Film Experience. Have fun and improve your knowledge about the pearl of the Atlantic.

5. Stunning beaches not far away

Barreirinha, in Funchal, with its natural stone saltwater pool, also enjoys bathing areas such as Ponta Gorda and Lido. In the municipalities of Calheta / Machico, with its artificial saltwater beaches, and one of the most distant destinations such as Porto Santo, where you can enjoy the beautiful yellow sand beach with more than 9km of extension along its southern coast. In other words, the island of Madeira is an excellent beach destination.

6. Mild and subtropical climate with average air and sea temperatures between 18ºC and 24ºC

This spectacular climate allows you to fully enjoy the pleasures of the sea and nature that Madeira offers. There will be no shortage of opportunities to swim in volcanic pools and natural rocks such as pebble, lie in the sun on the beaches, take a boat trip to see whales or dolphins, go hiking on the most famous trails, or experience a mountain biking or canyoning adventure in the heart of Laurel Forest.

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