Hiking in Rabaçal and 25 Fountains in Madeira Island

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Ahh, summer in Madeira. Summer is my favorite season and the best time when to spend time outside. Waterfalls and mountains are my favorite reasons to hike. This is only my first week in Madeira, but I am already glad that had a apportunity to hike to Rabocal- this hike was definitely worth it!

Why Hike To Rabaçal

Levadas- one of the most popular tourist attractions of Madeira. The water system, called „levadas” are the main way how farmers can provide their garden with water. For tourists, walking along levadas is a good way how to explore the island.

Walk to Rabacal is located in the west part of the island. It shows the beautiful waterfalls and landscape views from the levadas. This walk offers unique and unforgettable experience and direct contact with an extraordinarily pure nature.

Our walk started with a little stop at the cafe where you can drink the cup of coffee and eat some cake. The atmosphere in this place was really enjoyable. This is the only place where you can use bathroom on the enire walk.

During the walk, you will be able to see the diversity of Madeira nature. Along the way it’s possible to see a wide variety of endemic species of the flora and fauna in the region. Our walking guide was professional. She knew many interesting facts about herbs and she could tell a lot about them.

About Hiking in Rabaçal

Duration: 4,5 hours + transportation,
Distance: 13km
Location: Rabacal
Difficulty: Moderate. I personally think that this walk ir relatively easy, but maybe for someone the stairs in some parts could be a bit difficult.
Map: I recommend take the map with the trails in your backpack. In the begining there will be a big poster with the trails, but in the walk the signs are pretty limited.
Toilet: There is only one bathroom on the enire walk and it is at the cafe on the first part of walk. That bathroom is for free and it is only open when cafe is open.

Safety with a guide Hiking Rabaçal

When you decide to go for a guided walk you will be informed about the safety of the walk before and during the walk as well. The guide will inform you before entering each of the specific area that you need to be aware of. You always need to be careful and watch out where you are stepping on. Sometimes the dust might be slippery so do not rush and walk slowly in order to not to fell down. The same thing is if there are stairs or inclined path to go.

Always keep a little distance behind the person you are going and try to pay attention. If you are about to pass through a tunnel prepare your torch and be sure to have free hands of other things to be able to act if needed. Be careful and mind your head because the inside of tunnels is not regular and sometimes it is too low. Never get separated from the group. In case that accident happens talk to the guide immediately.

What ti pick up for your Rabaçal Walk

When it comes to packing, you will want to keep your hiking bag as light as possible without leaving anything you need behind.

· Comfortable shoes – In the trail there can be tree roots or slippery stones.
· Warm clothes – There, up in the mountains, temperatures are cooler and the weather is changeable.
· Snacks – You will enjoy a small picnik looking at 25 Fontes. Energy bars, nuts and the sandwiches are the best snacks.

· Water – There is no other source of water except the cafe.
· Camera – You are not going to hike all that way and not get at least a photo or two of that landscapes, are you?


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