Caminho Real do Paul do Mar

by | 19 Julho 2022 | Hiking

The Caminho Real do Paul do Mar walk starts in the Prazeres area and ends in Paul do Mar, walking around 1.8 km and lasts from 1h to 1h and 30 minutes depending on the step of each person, at an altitude between 535m and 16m. Immediately after starting the trail to The Caminho Real do Paul da Serra, you will descend the escarpment between Assomadouro in Prazeres and the pier of Paul.

This is between agricultural ponds, supported by stone walls that were formerly cultivated with a predominance of cereal crops. Currently, these terraces are no longer cultivated and are abandoned.

The name “Assomadouro” is given to the place, where you can see something interesting, it is synonymous with a viewpoint. It is possible to enjoy a literally superb view, as the panoramic landscapes provided either on the left by the parish of Jardim do Mar and on the right, by Paul do Mar are an authentic wonder.

The “Caminho do Concelho” is one of the examples of the difficult accesses that often, traveled with heavy loads on their backs, but the only connection to the seacoast, very important for many at the time and impossible to access when the sea was very rough.

This walk presents an authentic historical heritage, tracing the slope in zigzag with the floor built in small steps, obviously the work of an isolation of the ancestors, the ingenious and arduous paths built by the people to overcome this isolation that was sometimes harmful.

The waterfalls and the unique endemic flora of these altitudes contribute significantly to the trail becoming a real discovery.

Caminho Real do Paul do Mar

Location: It is located precisely in the municipality of Calheta. Here you can find beautiful landscapes and good views to take pictures.

Hike Distance: The total walking distance is 1,8 kilometers for the round trip route.

Hike Duration: In this walk has a total duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes in a round trip.

Difficult: The difficulty of this walk is moderate, due to the fact that there are no stable weather conditions, terrain with some ascents and descents.

Height Difference: The highest point will be at 550 m while the lowest will be at 16 m. Making the difference is approximately 534m for both descending and ascending.

Refreshment Place: You can rest at the end of the course or in some viewpoint that appear in the hiking. 


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