5 reasons to do a Levada Walk in Madeira Island

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Madeira Island is known worldwide for many things, being the wine, the food and the landscapes. The pleasant temperature all year round and the very friendly locals are also a characteristic of Madeira Island and in this article, we would like to bring you 5 reasons to do a Levada Walk in Madeira Island.

The “levadas” are extensive water channels with a small slope, originally designed to transport water from the north of the island, where a wetter climate is observed and with more precipitation, to the south where the climate is notoriously drier, with more population. and plantations. Currently, the levadas are also used to venture out and discover the stupendous nature of Madeira Island, where there are landscapes and species of flora and fauna that are unique in the world.

Madeira is literally a paradise for nature lovers, as it has a very complete mountainous constitution full of valleys, plains, plateaus, peaks, and viewpoints as well as an immense forest that covers about 70% of its total area full of endemic species, of both plants and animals. In short, an ecosystem that sometimes envies some tourist destinations. Obviously, walks are not far behind, as everything that has been said above can be appreciated in detail in Madeira, from walks along the coast smelling the sea to walks within the dense forest with the presence of beautiful peaks and viewpoints.

1. Explore the nature of the Island

The most worth places are not accessible by car. Let’s go for a Madeira Levada Walk and explore the hidden places. Get known the beautiful nature of Madeira and learn about the flora and fauna of this Island.

2. Take your mind off other things

When you go for a Madeira Levada walk and spend some time in nature you will improve not only your concentration for your work or studies but also increase your level of happiness. During the walk, try to pay attention to every little thing that is around you, notice the details, try to breathe deeply, relax and appreciate the beauty that is untouched by humans. Isn’t it amazing?

3. A way to spend time with family

What’s more than spending time with family? And what about going for a Madeira Levada walk all together? Whether you have a big or small family, try to organize a walk with them. We are sure that you will have a lot of fun and enjoy an amazing day! Doing a walk with your family can be more relaxing than anything else!

4. Make friends

Madeira Levada Walks is popular activity for locals along the tourists. Therefore, you have a chance to meet new people not just from abroad. The locals are very friendly and they can become your company the next couple of days of your holidays or even more than only that! Don’t be shy and start talking!

5. Improve your health

Last but not least you will do something for your health! Walking relieve stress and reduce anxiety. It also has nice benefits for one’s appearance. Not only improving your general fitness but also a habit of good posture for example.

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